Putting My Babies To Bed

Burlap wrapped pot to protect from freezing weather.

Burlap wrapped pot to protect from freezing weather.

Well, today is the last day of Fall and just yesterday I planted my Fall planted bulbs for next year's Spring beauties.  I usually try and get my bulbs planted by November, but I had two Fed-Ex mishaps with my bulb order and was delayed in getting them for a month... made me crazy...:)  But Fall is always a busy time in the garden, so I still had plenty to do... Cutting down perennials, digging up and storing tender plants, composting for Winter protection... I call it 'putting my babies to bed'...:) 

This year we had a cold Fall in the Pacific Northwest, so I moved some of my pots against the foundation of the house to protect from wind; other pots that I couldn't move easily, I wrapped with burlap.  The burlap will help protect the pot from freezing and thawing and cracking.  It doesn't look too bad because burlap is a natural fiber and seems to blend with its natural surroundings...:)  When freezing weather is not threatening, it is super easy to unwrap and wrap again if needed. 

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season.  It is hard to believe another year is just about finished... makes me a bit melancholy.  Wintertime does give me a respite from working in the garden, so as I try and stay warm and cozy by the fire, I will dream of Spring in the garden and all its beauty and color.  Enjoy, and as always love hearing from you!

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Till the next time...

Love, Holly ~ Your Queen Bee at The White Pear