Pots with Peg

Yesterday was a gorgeous sunny Spring day in Portland Oregon.  I spent the day with my friend Peg, helping her shop for pots and designing the plant material for them.  We've started this trade thing with tulips, that has been a lot of fun.  So, this is how it works for us.  Peg comes over and helps me plant my bulbs in the Fall and I help her with design advice on which tulips to buy, and then help her place them in her garden.  I designed her garden a year ago, so she likes my input on design issues.  We buy different varieties of tulips for each of our gardens, so that we can enjoy more varieties every year.  Peg also helps me dig out my bulbs for storing after they finish blooming and I help her by giving my time and expertise on all things garden. 

So, yesterday was my turn to repay her.  t Portland Nursery, we found a beautiful large ceramic pot - pale blue with brown markings and a nail head decoration.  I call them nailheads, but they actually look like bumps...:)  It is quite beautiful.  Portland Nursery is a great resource in Portland for pots and of course gorgeous plants.  We also found two smaller dark blue pots for Peg's green and white hostas to flank the entry to her patio.  After we plant next week, I'll post some photos. 

We had a great time together, but I think I got the better end of the trade this time, cuz she treated me to a late lunch at my favorite Japanese restaurant, Mio Sushi.  We shared a cucumber shrimp salad, an Ichi and Caterpillar roll, and of course a happy hour glass of pinot gris…yummy!

I think doing service trades is a great way to bond with friends and to get the help and expertise that you need without having to pay for it.  You just have to make sure that it is fair trade.  Try to do a fair market value trade or at least make sure you both are on the same page regarding value, because if you feel that the trade is not fair, you won't be happy.  So, evaluate first and then have fun.  I love gardening alone, but at times it's fun to garden with a friend , plus the work gets done a lot faster…:)

Till the next time…

Love, Holly ~ Your Queen Bee at The White Pear