Fall & Football & Baseball Too!

This weekend, here in the northwest, we had gorgeous Fall weather to garden,  AND watch football; it was my perfect relaxing weekend.  For those of you who know me, you know how I love my sports.  My mom tells me, that I was almost born in a gym while she was watching my dad play basketball.  My dad was a coach, and I grew up in a sports family - basketball, football, 2-man beach volleyball, baseball, tennis, swimming, dodge ball with bean bags filled with rice...:)  Dinnertime was developing strategy with salt and pepper shakers and glasses for defense and offense…:)  How did I end up loving gardening in a sports family?  Well, my dad loved gardening too (he passed away in 2005), and I think he just never had enough time to devote to gardening, and he later discovered a passion for golf...:)  I think of him often...

So, Saturday, I watched my favs, the Ducks and Bruins win, and eyeing the Beavers win too.  Sunday, I watched my Seahawks play the Titans, and since they had lost last week, I was relieved and happy they won this week.  I was ecstatic watching the Red Sox's come from behind win against the Tigers; not that I'm a Red Sox fan, but what great baseball!  Now, if only the Dodgers could win their game tonight, not only cuz I'm a fan, but it would make the series a lot more interesting…:)  They're down 2 games to the Cardinals.  I'm watching as I write this post - 2-0 Dodgers!

I know what you're thinking… did she get any gardening done?  Oh, yes I did… I started in the mornings before the games were on, ran out at half times, and finished up after the games.  I deadheaded perennials, swept leaves off the driveway and parking strip gutter, did a little light shaping of evergreens, a little weeding, cut back flopping grasses, mowed, edged -  all small garden activities; glorious on a sunny Fall day!  Don't stress yourself out by doing your Fall clean-up all at once; small doses in the fresh air is much more enjoyable and healthy.

And, my most fun project this weekend - designing two "Indoor Flowering Bulb Gardens"; sure to brighten your late Winter months.  Stay tuned next week, where I'll share my designs with you.  

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Till the next time...

Love, Holly ~ Your Queen Bee at The White Pear