Garden Makeover On A Budget

On a budget? Here's what my team and I did...  

To stay on budget, there were no design drawings, instead lawn paint was used to outline the pathway and planting berms. My goal was to design a beautiful garden with a sense of order, while retaining the integrity of the surrounding woods.

Left is a photo of what we started with...  

• Old weedy grass on a slope.
• Trees covered with ivy; one dead.
• Encroaching blackberry and ivy.
• No defined planting berms.
• Random mix of plants.

The makeover...

• Removed all grass — too time consuming to rejuvenate and too expensive to maintain.
• Removed dead tree — dangerous, more sunshine.
• Bridged the slope — gravel pathway with edging that crosses the front yard to the back.  
• Designed a small patio with inexpensive concrete blocks and gravel — charming & inviting.
• To connect patio to pathway, added a stack of 3 steps.
• Shaped planting berms on both sides of pathway using a blended soil mix.
• Transplanted existing plant material and added colorful evergreens, perennials, and annuals.
• Medium dark hemlock for top dressing.
• Concrete blocks and edging from The Home Depot. 
• Gravel, soil, and top dressing from Woodwaste Management in Portland, OR.
• Plant material from Portland Nursery and Cascadian Nursery in Hillsboro, OR.

A simple, garden makeover on a budget — beauty, definition, and purpose, while retaining the integrity of the surrounding woods. 

Looking towards the woods.  Photo by Holly Stickley

Looking towards the woods.  Photo by Holly Stickley


A place to contemplate life...:-)  Photo by Holly Stickley

Love, Holly ~ Your Queen Bee at The White Pear

Lemonade 25¢

Such a deal... A few days ago, my neighbor children put up a lemonade stand and sold pink lemonade for 25¢ a glass!  They even had a cash register!  It was so charming and their enthusiasm was precious.  Don't you think lemonade stand just screams SUMMER! Reminded me that we were all young once, and earning our first few dollars was an exciting adventure.  So, I bought two glasses/double servings full of pink lemonade - I did have to run home to get my own glasses...)  Shortly after, one of our neighbors donated some plastic cups.  I think I was the girl's first customer; about an hour later they were already at $9! 

Lemonade Stand #1 960.jpg
Lemonade #2 960.jpg

My earliest memory earning money during the summertime was when I was 15 years old.  I taught swimming lessons in our backyard pool.  My Dad gave lessons and I took on a few students myself.  My youngest was a 4 year old named Danny, and by the time his lessons were finished, he was able to swim 'american crawl' the length of our pool.  I was so proud of him, and myself..:)

Anyone else have a favorite summer childhood memory of earning money that you'd like to share? 

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Love, Holly ~ Your Queen Bee at The White Pear