Hi! My name is Holly Puanani Stickley. I am a garden designer, private gardener, photographer, blog writer, wife, and mother of our two adorable doggies, Vivienne and Chesterfield, and our kitty Gwendolyn — and, I am Queen Bee at The White Pear. I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Portland, Oregon. My passion is to inspire, and to help people make their gardens and outdoor living spaces more beautiful, functional, and healthy — time spent in the garden is the best daily rejuvenator for our fast- paced lives. 

At The White Pear we take care of all your garden needs: design & build — trim & prune — dig & plant — mow & blow — clean the grill. Now that we’ve taken care of all the hard labor, you can enjoy piddling in your garden — cutting perennials for the table — or fine tuning the menu for your al fresco dinner party. I myself, love to piddle in my garden with a glass of wine — I’ve had my time with the hard labor…:-) 

 The White Pear, luxury garden care... for all the fine details  

Please sign-up, and I'll share with you all that I know, from the garden to dining al fresco, and treat you to a free 1/2 hour email or phone consultation The White Pear.com

Email me photos and we'll talk 'garden' ..:) Thank you, and as always, love hearing from you! 

Love, Holly ~ Your Queen Bee at The White Pear


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